Friday, January 30, 2009

SAT Word Videos (and a contest too)!

Brainy Fix SAT Video Contest

Contest Rules

* Make a video about any SAT/ACT vocabulary word of your choosing from this list. On that list, we’ll show you how many videos have been submitted for each word. Please choose one without any videos submissions. :)
* 1 video for 1 word, but you can make as many videos as you want.
* Anyone can enter the competition! Just remember that part of the prize money has to go to a U.S. high school or middle school of your choosing.
* All voting will happen at, so make sure your video includes the following text: “Vote for this video at”. And substitute the “xxxxx” with your vocab word.
* Important contest dates:
o Video submission opens: 1/1/2009
o Video submission ends: 3/16/2009
o Voting opens: 3/23/2009
o Voting ends: 4/5/2009
o Winners announced: 4/13/2009

Sample videos for SAT Words on School Tube

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to Introduce the 6-Traits

"Writing taught once or twice a week is just frequently enough to remind children that they can't write and teachers that they can't teach. They are both like athletes who never get in condition, yet have to play the game before derisive spectators."

-- Donald Graves, Writing: Teachers and Children at Work

I'm happy to report that the The Writing Teacher has just published my article on How to Introduce the 6-Traits. I'll be using this article in my online 6-traits writing class.

Click on over and give it a read!

You'll also discover rich resources for all who love teaching writing.

From The Writing Teacher:

I hope this helps!

~ Dennis

Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Traits: Still time to join!

Final Call for the Spring Semester at the University of Wisconsin Stout!

Courses are completely online.

EDUC 744 920 Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Traits - (Elem. (PK-4)
3 graduate credits begins February 16, 2009

EDUC 744 909 Teaching and Assessing Writing with the 6-Traits - (
Middle School/Adult)
3 graduate credits begins February 16, 2009

Online Writing Resources: Very Cool Tools

  • I've seen the connection between information fluency and writing since my early work researching in the field. Here's a strong blog post chock full of interesting tool recommendations. Just a few are detailed in this post. Click through to ICT in my Classroom for a real treasure trove of online writing resources.

    Tags: web2.0, writing, tools, digital_storytelling

    • On Thursday I finally had some time to sit with our Key Stage 2 (junior) literacy coordinator and talk about how technology can support writing outcomes for the Primary Framework for Literacy.
    • 10 - Myths and Legends Story Creator 2 - a free online version of Kar2ouche that focuses on a specific story type. Classes can have unique logins and they can record audio and build scenes from a set of graphics, their own images can be imported. A great alternative to Kar2ouche and perfect for the Myths and Legends unit.
    • Wordle - I thought this little tool would be great to analyse written stories in the same way Steve Kirkpatrick has done with his class. A Wordle could be a great way to introduce a text - exploring what is emphasised to help understand the type of writing it is taken from. Is it instruction, explanation - how can you tell? Another idea is that the children create a poem as a Wordle, it would certainly be challenging the form of conventional poetry.

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