Thursday, January 4, 2007

Great Books about Writing

I love books. I can't throw one away.

I've got more books than wall space, which means far too many of my friends are still in boxes and stacked in storage. (Just thought of my vintage poetry collection... William Carlos Williams, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Patchen, Tobie Lurie, Richard Wright, Allen Ginzberg, Robert Service, I've got to un-earth them!)

My writing bookshelf (and my e-learning texts) are unpacked and at hand. Still there are so many fine volumes I'd love to lay a hand on. Here's my virtual shelf of top picks for writing instruction. If you don't find your favorite writer's book on my list, drop me a comment and and share it with everyone!

The Perfect E-Book

I'm hoping that the perfect e-book reading system will evolve in the next few years. How about a system that compensates for near-sightedness, with adjustable text that hovers in space at just the right distance before my eyes. (No more holding heavy books!) The system would be hyper-texted to connect you to... everything! Some day!

For now, we can page through some of the great books of all time... online. Sketches by Leonardo, Mozart's Musical Diary (with audio clips) and the original Alice in Wonderland are on the top shelf. Here's a link to the British Museum's Turning the Pages: 15 great books you can examine from the comfort of your browser! (You will need the latest free Shockwave player and a high-speed connection to enjoy this site. It's fascinating!)

~ D@SanMarcos

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